The KET/PET/FCE/CAE/CPE examinations are a group of examinations developed by Cambridge Esol called the Cambridge Maine Suite. These five examinations have similar characteristics but are designed for different levels of English ability. They are all popular exams with candidates who are learning English for personal reasons and for those who are studying for employment reasons. They are good first steps to help students to build their confidence in English and measure their progress.

On the other hand, at First Steps we actually prefer to offer exciting topical themes, Ebola virus, Darwin, sex education for over 10’s. This is the way we work with little children and we enhance the work with nine, ten, eleven year olds for example with Sole Lessons – Self Organized Learning Environment – using Ipads. Our greatest sense of achievement is when we go on holiday to Britain in June and British folk ask us why “these English children” aren’t at school! Living in English is more important to us than certificates!

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