The preschool has three classes: the Little Class, the Middle Class and the Big Class. The children start in the Little Class when they are approximately two years old and move upwards, to the Middle Class and finally to the Big Class. There is no set rule about the month or year when a child moves to the next class – it depends on each individual child and their emotional maturity. 

If you would like to know more please feel free to call us to schedule an appointment to visit the school. ( Tel: 039 – 46 55 263). It’s the best way to get the right picture of life at First Steps.

As you enter the gate you will quickly realize that you have not come to a bilingual preschool, but you have entered an English – speaking ‘country’. 

We believe that young children only become mother tongue speakers if they have a person or a place as a point of reference for each language – First Steps represents the English language for them.

In the Little Class you may see two/three year-olds making pizza for snack or dancing to their “tidy up time” song, with foam on their noses. In the Middle Class the three/four year- olds  may be singing their Letterland songs to learn the sounds of the letters. You may find that they are doing modern Dance because it begins with Dippy Duck , or the classroom may have become a Hairdresser’s  because it begins with Hairy Hatman. In the Big Class the  five/six year-olds can read and write. Some of the children may be in the Music Room playing the piano, others may be doing sums in their Maths books…or they may all be on their way out to walk to their tennis lesson at Sportpark.

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