We believe that the best way for children living in our area to become bilingual is to make First Steps in English their point of reference for the English language. It is like going to the UK every day, from the age of two, when children have the capacity of acquiring two (or more) languages separately, at the same time, through what is called Simultaneous Acquisition of bilingualism. There is no need for them to speak English at home – home represents the Italian language. First Steps in English opened in Lissone 20 years ago, in Via Spallanzani 55/A – a green, peaceful area with plenty of parking. It is a safe and cosy place, where children can freely express their creativity and develop their individual talents. Because English is the only spoken language at First Steps the children become fluent in English by the time they finish Preschool and start the Italian Elementary School. Most of them then come back to First Steps for afternoon or Saturday courses to maintain their fluency in English. This means that, as they grow up, they have more options – and there is a greater chance that here, or somewhere else in the world, they will be pursuing what they are most passionate about. This is the opportunity we offer – and the reason why we are here.
If you like this, come and see us, or make an appointment to see the school – via telephone or email. We don’t believe in Open Days, we are open every day. See you soon.

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Learning English effortlessly in an atmosphere which provides stimulus, safety and comfort.

Trained and qualified staff ready to give care and guidance, ready to amuse and to encourage.

A space made for children – light, bright, well-equipped and spacious.


Info about the inscription terms, admission and fees for our courses. You can also download our forms and get in touch with us for more information.

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Office hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

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Last Saturday of each month

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