About us

When a small child takes that FIRST STEP outside the family, he or she needs, above all, warmth and security. The parents, too, need to feel the child is in safe hands. When the child is happy the parents can be happy, it’s a big FIRST STEP for them too!

Now imagine young children playing with assurance and curiosity. Your child learning English effortlessly in an atmosphere which provides stimulus, safety and comfort. But it’s not a dream, FIRST STEPS IN ENGLISH offers you all this, set in the green of its own garden and a surrounding park.

Here is a space made for children – light, bright, well-equipped and spacious. Here you will find trained and qualified staff ready to give care and guidance, ready to amuse and to encourage.

Here is a space made for all children to meet and make friends. To enquire and discover and to learn through play.

There’s a sandpit, a water tray, a painting easel and a woodwork bench, a doll’s house and bikes, prams and carts, a book corner, science table and and a music room where they can discover how to play an instrument.

And all around children making their First Steps in English.

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