Summer School is open to all First Steps students. There is usually a central theme, and we include lots of role – play and various activities for all ages and abilities: in the past we have made a town, voting for the Mayor in ballot boxes and watching for the results with great anticipation; an airport complete with departure lounge and passport control; we have talked about ‘Planets’, ‘Feet’, ‘Wood’, ‘Water’, ‘The Beatles’, and many other things. There are activities going on both in the classrooms and outside in the garden, and we use all of our facilities to the full. The children are encouraged to investigate their own and others personal interests, sharing their experiences with others, and they are actively involved in all aspects of their daily life, which includes setting up the classrooms, organising the role – play, and tidying up after themselves. We try to include many different  kinds of activities to suit different tastes, so it is possible to experiment with paint, chalk, water, and many other mediums; decorate a frame for a photo; read a book, listen to one being read, or write your own; and much, much more!

Most children learn much more in this type of ‘full immersion’, whatever  their background, age or ability, and go away from their week or longer having enjoyed the experience  immensely.

The teachers are First Steps regular staff, and are usually present in rotation; their number depends on the number of children present, usually with a ratio of 1:10 or less (e.g. 4 members of staff for 35 children).Summer School weeks are available for half day;  9am – 12.30, or full time; 9am – 4pm. Lunches must be paid for separately, and the pre-school and after-school services are available, but only on request.

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